blog type: july gamelog | 7/25/2023 |

Talking about what games I've played this month!!

I also got back into the loop of starting too much stuff and struggling to finish them which is super annoying, never ending cycle of I need to finish this stuff so I can start new stuff T_T


- Panorama Cotton (Replayed)

Replayed Panorama Cotton and I love it even more than the first time, the graphics are so amazing I love the style, soundtrack and I luv cotton so much shes so funny, I wanna draw her sometime!
but back to graphics gahhh just look at all those pixels and colors WONDERFUL (≧▽≦)/ I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I really really love the graphics just look at all those pixels and colors it's so magical. I did get stuck for awhile at one of the bosses but still amazing ^_^
and just look at cotton I love her shes so fun! I also really like the soundtrack in panoranma it's amazing so I put some of my faves

- Puyo Puyo, and Puyo Puyo Tsuu

Starting off with puyo puyo, it was ok just comparing it to Tsuu, Tsuu was a lot better. Puyo puyo itself is like tetris except from what I've learned you wanna get as many combos as you can to win which is fun :3
But yea Puyo Puyo 1992 is nothing special so on to talking about Puyo Puyo Tsuu. Tsu pretty much has everthing the first game doesn't which makes it awesomer :3 The art is better and I think that the best part about it is that Tsuu has a story line! I loved it, my brain likes picking the most random characters to squeal and fanboy over but I LOVE MASKED SATAN!!!! I LOVE THE ENDING SO MUCH it was so funny
< there he is I luv him so much he's such a idiot

- Azumanga Daioh! The Druglord Game

Titles pretty self explanatory. Yukari gives the azumanga girls to a mob boss who you play as and you have to train the girls to become druglords. Maybe it was kinda funny in a "what the hell is going on" way but the funny level for me was a eh, my druglord azumanga expectations were higher. I also didn't like that theres weird aspects in the game such as seeing the girls shirtless, I don't wanna see weird stuff of the azumanga girls like that. Otherwise teaching osaka to rob a bank, fun.

- Di Gi Charat: Di Gi Communication

Di gi charat game I luv di gi charat so of cource I'm gonna love this too. Not in english but you work at Dejiko's shop and try not to fail or something not sure what the objective is but pretty fun! as the days go you get some cute pixel cgs, I forgot to screen shot them I wish I did T_T

- Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack

Horrible. emulated this and the controls were really weird and not working. I also don't like the little among us guys they're scary.