sweet loser summer ( ̄ω ̄)

This summer I: be a loser and don't leave my room like I've done for the past 4 years! ✰ doing nothing but watching yaoi and coding edition ✰ 7/11/2023 ✰

Instead of hanging out with irl friends like a DWEEB (not that I can if i wanted to) I've been doing pretty much nothing but watching a bunch of yaoi and finishing up some yaoi vns so I'm gonna talk about some of them! I pretty much always enjoy what I game/watch unless its BORING ( ̄ω ̄)

I might make new blogs about what I play each month, warning a lot of these are 18+

- Embracing Love (Jun 17)

I watched Fuyu no Semi like a year ago and I didn't know that they're both from the same manga so of course I watched it. it was cool I think I'm gonna read the manga sometime

- Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu. (watching)

nose bleeding... started this last night and its alright theres a bit of drama starting on from EP 7 and it makes me wanna start kicking and punching because drama in anime kinda annoys me but yea not the worst but its entertaining for the most part ^^

- Fujimi 2-choume Koukyougakudan

Watching Fujimi felt like being strapped to a chair and then being forced to watch the most boring anime ever. Starting, it shows just random poses of this guy for way too long with no music at all so it's super awkward just like the rest of the anime. There are so many meaningless scenes where there's no soundtrack and I just kinda sit there looking at the weird animation and try not to claw my skin off from boredom, every 1min felt like 5 and the silence is LOUD. You get some music like 40mins and 40mins is the only time it gets interesting at all I think it would have been a bad but entertaining physiological BL if there were more scenes like when he hit his head and went a little bonkers that part was "scary" but interesting. even though it was interesting it wasn't worth the 40min wait for a 4min scene.


- hadaka shitsuji (started jun 19)

funny butlers!! one of my homies loves this game so I started playing it otherwise it'd probably sit on my desktop some more because It looked scary, snyway I could not for the life of me take this game seriously its too funny I know its supposed to be shocking or whatever but thinking about how Tomaki dies from drinking the penis enlargement drink makes me giggle. I'm not finished with the game I still have Toudou and the rest of Arisato's route to finish but so far Komine is my fave sakuma too I love anime men with glasses...

- Luckydog1 (started march 7,,, i'm slow at finishing things)

havent even finished one route yet but I'm currently on Bernardo's route and I love him so much I love anime men with glasses I love them.