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Welcome to my cringe lair, I have a lotta intrests and like to talk about them. I love games, horror, old stuff, animu stuff and what not. currently chronically offline life living life and being awesom

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2/23/2024 updated main page

2/22/2024 updated photo blog & blog

1/23/2024 Fujoshi Clique up!

1/18/2024 Added source page

12/25/2023 Reveiw page up! added to Hadaka Shitsuji reveiw

12/25/2023 updated photo blog & blog

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10/18/2023 Redid Index page

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9/25/2023 Updated graphics and 00s shrine page

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8/31/2023 fixed main a bit

8/28/2023 august log

8/25/2023 imgur hosting banished to the shadow realm

8/4/2023 changed blog layout + started aug blog

8/2/2023 finished dmmd shrine

7/31/2023 updated graphics page

7/29/2023 New Layout!!

7/25/2023 New game blog

7/22/2023 messed up my site had to put cliques and fan listings BACK on main, very lame.

7/20/2023 rearranged home page, made 00s shrine

7/12/2023 new blog

7/10/2023 added about me page

6/27/2023 fixed layout

6/25/2023 added blog page

6/20/2023 added cool sites page

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Finish yaoi and vocaloid shrine
fix up index page
make fujoshi webring
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