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Hi!!! My name is seven welcome to my cringe lair where I can show my love for the many things I like or talk about whatever I want! I can be pretty shy or bad at talking but I try my best. Email

About some of my intrests: I've been into anime since 2015 and love shoujo, fucked up visual novels and most of all old BL! I love the 2000s a whole lot its one of my biggest intrest but I like old 1800s fancy stuff, clothes, and antiques as well! I also like playing emulated 90s games and mmorpgs, doing art, coding & more

Some big fave media:


9/25/2023 Updated graphics and 00s shrine page

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7/25/2023 New game blog

7/22/2023 messed up my site had to put cliques and fan listings BACK on main, very lame.

7/20/2023 rearranged home page, made 00s shrine

7/12/2023 new blog

7/10/2023 added about me page

6/27/2023 fixed layout

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Finish yaoi and vocaloid shrine
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