*:・゚✧*:・゚ my top 3 *:・゚✧*:・゚

*:・゚✧*:・゚ other faves *:・゚✧*:・゚

my favorite mangaka and groups are CLAMP, Triangle staff, and niyama!

|| Hyperfixations: 2000s and yaoi || If this looks werid zoom in!! firefox & 4:3 screen recommended! ||
This part is gonna be about random 00s stuff I like!
If it wasn't already obvious I really 2000s stuff I wake up everyday and party rock like its 2008 ╰ (´꒳`) ╯ I very much love old tech and using it! I have a CRT TV that I watch anime on and, my monitor is a CRT. I like anything 2000s even if its very small stuff for example I like collecting tokyopops old titles just because they were popular at the time and I burn my own CDs/DVDs.

As well as tech, I also love surfing the web for old websites, fanart, cosplay, I especially love looking for yaoi fandom stuff like these!

☆ My taste in anime/manga and video games ☆
I usually only watch pre-2010 anime and sometimes early 2010s, not that I didn't used to keep up with new stuff. Anyway, I started watching anime in 2015! which isn't a lot, but probably more than 99% of people who use TikTok (get lol) anyway my tastes are kinda girly,,, but my favorite genres are: Psychological, Bug eyes, denpa, seinen and shojo but most of all bl! so much that I rarely read non bl manga. With video games I play a lot of visual novels,("blah blah these aren't actually games" no1 cares) rhythm games, old mmorpgs, horror rpgs, other types of games too but those are my faves! most of the visual novels I play are bromance. no shame.

My taste in music
I love very hyper songs! my favorite genres are Trance Eurodance, Eurobeat, horrorloid, Vkei and more. I also love vocaloid! My favorite artists are Nashimoto-p, samfree, DADAROMA, Malice Mizer, Buck-Tick, Smile.dk, Dj Satomi I have a playlist of my favorite songs on this site and also some of my playlists in one of the boxes ┌(゚д゚)┘

Other than all that I like drawing and I've recently been getting into pixel art. My faveorite ships are Kaito x Gakupo, Edgeworth x Wright, L x Light, Hitoshi-san x Bokutachi-kun and ME x gakupo /j


I luv touhou
I'm a big Nitro+CHiRAL fan I love all their games

SUM OF MY COOL STUFF! ^_^ my shiki pillow the otherside is akira im cringe and proud


curse you youtube and your shit! anyway watch this one its funny