about my luv for the 2000s (o^▽^o)

Welcome! this page is about a lot of 00s things I like, I very much love the 2000s a lot, it's my special interest and I love everything about it. I party rock like it's 2007 every day!
Petty much everything I like and do some what revolve around the 00s, from the anime I watch, shows, games, music I listen to, tech I like, or things I collect they all tend to be from within the 90s-2000s. Even if It's little things related to to it, so much about the 00s make me so happy.

My fave thing within the 2000s and on its own is yaoi, so things I like such as anime, manga, vns, web finds, and what not are usually yaoi related!

I like web surfing for old (mostly yaoi) websites, AMVs, cosplays, con vids/photos and cosplays! I love web surfing!!

I've also started getting more into playing a lotta sega genesis games, but gameboy and ps2/1 games as well!
I also love AMVs so much and I luv making them! I don't really watch/play anything new my brain won't let me (unless yaoi) so awesom that sometimes I actually cannot process that it's 2023. anyway I also like the 90s too!

And lastly going a bit gatekeeper, I hate animecore I do not like any of this for the "aesthetic" or people who like things only for the aesthetic, kiss my butt sorry.

kewl vids

Hetalia DPH

All I Want for Christmas is Yaoi

My collection!

collection of mostly 2000s things I own!

Some yaoi stuff, I made the yaoi paddle ^_^ tiger isn't 2000s but he's here anway cause I love him. IGNORE HOMESTUCK. I never returned it to the library which is a crime but it'd be more of a crime if someone else did and became a homestuck

CHiRAL shelf, I have a miku shelf and another with some other 1s but its not really 00s stuff so I'll put it on my collection collection page when I make that.

Some tech I own! Even the keyboard is almost 20yrs old, the headphones are from 2006 and laptop from 2008! Can't really use the xp computer cause the wifi drivers dont work and The laptop I found in my basement, so I don't know the pass and can't do a lot as guest but still awesom! My camera I take these photos with is from 2007 as well.

TV ^o^

One of my manga shelves, along with my beanie babies too! manga made after 2010 has the red line above it. Prance is my fave beanie babie I have three of him :3

Some other figs, and manga + some DVDs, in the back. Most of these figs wern't made in the 00s but are pre-2010s series so they're here anyway. IGNORE HOMESTUCK.

My current desktop ukagaka on the side is busuko I LOVE BUSUKO SO MUCH!!! she's my fave ukagaka! Multi refuses to move to my other monitor so shes doing her own thing.

lastly my bag :3
forgot to take a picture of the posters on my wall but oh well

cluttered yaowee manga

lamento stuff with a bunch of my trinkets
close up of my manga shelf! (clicky) Last updated 7/20/2023

images kinda blurry... didn't take a picture of the DVDs they're so shiney you couldn't see them well T_T