First manga scan - 10/25/2023

Good news! last night I spent about 3 hours scanning Prime Minister at the End of the Century Vol.2 Ch.1 its been uploaded to mangago! it got aproved today and can be read here!! mangago is being pretty slow today theres a bug going on with the images. I will add the rest of the chapters soon and hopefully I'll also be able to upload them to archive once I get the whole thing done. I plan on buying vol 3 and 4 and scanning them too.

heres the my scan page I made! isn't it cute I think I did a good job with the logo (o˘◡˘o)

J-BOY will also be scanned sometime I just really dont wanna ruin the spine!!

Thrift store finds & New manga scans! - 10/24/2023

Wen't to the thrift store today and to my surprise they had crappy scanner for 10$ I've been thinking about getting a scaner so of course I got it! Turns out it only works on winxp computers so it didn't work (even though it also didn't work on my winxp computer) but anyhow we've had a printer sitting in the basement for the past 6+ years, my family couldn't figure out how to work but while I was stealing the cord from it for the new scanner I thought I might test it out as well and it works just fine!

So yea now that I have a printer scaner that works I think I'm going to scan some of the manga I own and upload it to the web my only problem is that it doesn't seem like it has the best resolution (update reso is great!) T_T I'm also not sure if I wanna reck the spines of my manga just yet....

if I do actually end up scanning anything I plan to put J-BOY and Prime Minister vol.2 on mangago. Also speaking of uploads I own 2 of the lamento short CDs that I plan on ripping sometime (I couldn't find them online.. still wanna listen to barados and asatos)

And last self update I'm so quick to finishing hadaka shitsuji just need to figure out what ending I'm missing... strugling... but I'll probably a review soon

New blog plans

I haven't updated my blog much because I had it by month and I always think some of them don't have enough in it to be finished but I'm gonna stop doing that and just decide whenever to make a new one.
I will seperate them though. Media logs for animanga, games & such and whatever this is for rambalings, irl, stuff or anything else. I also wanna make a dream diary because I have some pretty wacky dreams.
also also I want to tell some old stories of mine too instead of talking about them to myself in my room!

10/12/2023 - Used book store

Went to the used book store again yesterday! the second image is the one with the stuff I got but the other one is just manga I've gotten over the past few months I like taking pictures of my manga its fun.

I always get so nervous in public, having to ask the staff to open up the glass thingy so I can pick out my yaoi is so embarassing. I was so nervous that I accidentally bought the wrong season of Hidamari Sketch for the second time! this time I got season 4, last time season 2 but I still need season 1 T_T !!! I've been hoping to get some complete series to watch on my CRT TV instead starting in the middle of the series and then switching from monitor to TV everytime I'm missing parts... oh well, I still get the DVDs for cheap so I'm still happy.

Talking about the mangas I got

> Millennium Prime Minister - I wasn't fully sure if this was going to be BL I just know I've seen the title on DokiDoki and know they have yaoi. Most of the time reading vol.1 I was trying to figure out if this was yaoi or not lol, I thought the girl was going to end up being a guy for some reason, but that wasn't how it went and it turned out there was some other guy who likes the prime minister (yea I don't know their names)
The plot wasn't relastic at all and it was really funny, simmalar to gravitation in a way. I only bought vol.1 and 2 even though they had vol 3. big woops. I can't find the other volumes in english online gahhh I knew this was gonna happen!!! I honestly flipped through the pages of the raws on some rando site, I can't stand leaving things unfinished when I can't find missing volumes online it kills me.

> I'll be Your Slave - I picked this up because the cover looked good and I love June Manga, it wasn't the greatest though, provided me with plenty of second hand embarrassment. it's a comedy manga but I just don't think its my type of comedy.. things that just make me cringe as comedy are unbarable, my main problems were everything is so over exaggerated but in a way that just made me cringe,,, the plot was also bleh...and everyone looks the same exept the 2 main characters... big same face syndrome...

> I have yet to read The Loudest Whisper because I got vol.2 and have to read the first one online

10/7/2023 - 6:34AM quick ramble

Going through the entire mangago yaoi index because I have SO much missing from my list, even when I started tracking my animanga I never tracked the BL because my exfriend knew all of my accounts including my anilist and since he said he would drop me 4 liking yaoi I was very secrect about liking BL for some time (whole different story) I wanna talk more about it more later. Also MAL just lacks a lot of manga/manhwa in general which is kind of annoying but I still wouldn't switch back to anilist. Anyway I'm very sleepy I haven't slept and its 6AM.

being a HATER 10/4/2023

going to be very honest here. all these new yaoi "fans" from twitter trying to get in on a joke are pretty lame. i do not like them.


How is one going to agree with and/or participate with all the harassment and misinfo that was spread around but suddenly stop and jump into the fandom after a few funny jokes were made. I had a "im not a fujo phase" in my time liking BL (mostly due to my exfriend telling me he'd drop me for liking yaoi) but I never even went near all the misinfo and harassment that went on in that time.

also great example of if something gets popular on soical media people will switich up so fast about it twitter/tiktok users cannot for the love of god have their own thoughts.

September blog || started 9/24/2023

Bowling 9/25/2023

The day before yesterday I went bowling, pretty great I suck at bowling but its still fun. I named my self "ukeballs" I think it suits because I'm an uke balling, my brother named himself heavy wepons guy. great combo.

also why are new arcades kinda ass I went to a different bowling place awhile ago they used to have ddr but it got removed and I've been wanting to play ddr for so long but can't find it anymore T_T also im not at all a fan of the card system I want to put the coins in the mashine and hold the tickets :( its more magical that way. I still love the way arcades look 4 the most part.


Last month I went to my dads house after years of not seeing him and turns out my cousin also likes yaoi which is so great. The first time i went over there she started talking about anime and oddly enough started eplaining the omegaverse to her mom but and I shouted "YAOI" and she said "YES" instant friendship. The next week after that a week I went over to her house and she gave me a a ceasar and jotaro poster after I stared at it for about 5 minnutes.
this is the poster I'm so arigatoful. And then last week I went over and we rambled about yaoi and stuff together. I brought up bl visual novels and turns out shes never played any so I told her about arrinfantasy and while waiting for dmmd to install we scrolled around in the video section for awhile, I then I made fun of okane ga nai when we scrolled past it and she started talking about how much she likes it, good for her though party rock on. had to pick dmmd first its like the the scholastics visual novel of yaoi. anyway friendship is magic having another fujo friend is so awesome.

Also I get misgendered so so much at my dads and its so lame I try not to let it bother me though because I really wish I wasn't dysphoric and yearn for more of my cisgender back.


It's so confusing when people say they've watched things they haven't, like when someone says they've seen something but they know absolutely nothing about it, not even the title, parts of of the plot or even character names... I understand if its ova or movies but how are you gonna sit through 20+ hours of something and not remember anything why lie what is the point... confused... if anything I think telling people I've seen over 300 anime is embarrassing T_T

Also like... watching 3 episodes of something doesnt mean you've "watched it" thats watching it

8/16-17/2023 Deluth

Went to Deluth yesterday! it was awesome aside from the melt down before car ride #iamveryawesomeandcool Our hotel was right aside lake suppieror which was awesom I got to climb on and in the rocks by it like a caveman and then we went to a bunch of stores around!

THIS STORE. I LOVE THEM I LOVE THESE CATS I LOVE THIS STORE. They give me so much joy but they cost 52$ and 28$ so I didn't get one but I kept going back to look at them, I think I'm gonna make my own sometime since I know how to sew :3
We went to a sweets store too and I got a choclate apple with dried strawberrys on it it it was so delicious my god I want another one. strawberrycholateapple...drooling...

We also walked on the lift bridge! it was creepy! but looks cool from a far.

osaka and zenya next 2 leak supperior
my camera always makes things blurry up close i took like 5 other photos of zenya but theyre BLURRY.

Anyway then I went swimming, it stormed really hard (I love storms), then I tried to sleep in the wordrobe but failed and read kaze to kizu no uta until 4am (very tired now.)
We woke up early to watch the bridge lift go up I recorded it but maybe it didnt transfer to my usb... anyway it was really awesome super awesome the ship was humongous

after that we went to william something ship tour, really big old awesome ship, forgot to take a picture of the outside but its a big old awesome ship. I heard it was haunted so I wanted 2 go but I'm not sure if it actually is or the artical might have been confused with the halloween tour? I might go back for the halloween tour eitherway

man I love antquies and old things this place was so cool we also went to a antquie shop after but didnt get to stay long so might I go back again

scary as hell bridge. I love creepy things so I recorded some of it because of the erie sound the cars make so yeah walking on it was already extreamly unsettling and gave me this weird weird feeling but it makes it 10x more erie after I heard about the way one of the people who died on it. ghhh I won't explain it but it disturbed the hell out of me and I was pretty paranoid so yikes.

anyway I should make my animanga log for this month soon... so tired


2day I got a bunch of free clothes at the jesus fan base (church) I'm not in the jesus fandom or anything but it was pretty fun, quite happy about the business man shoes, they make me feel very seme wearing them, really like the sweatshirt aswell very awesom! I got a bunch of other clothes too! also gah my phone camera sucks T_T


After going to the dentist today I got to go to one of my favorite places, the used book store and I am SO happy the yaoi gods have blessed me because I have found such a yaoiful yaoi
I LOVE THIS YAOI SO MUCH GAHHH I tried SO hard not to squeal when I picked this up from the shelf AND THE ADS ON THE BACK JJJJDJKK THE SEME AND UKE SHIRT DHHDHJj I'M IN SO MUCH JOY. This was printed in 2003 and looks like its so magical I love it so much need more june manga...

also yesterday I got all caught up reading loveless (suprised its not finished) and I started watching sukisho I really gotta wanna finish up playing current games cause i wanna play the vn too ^_^ 8/22/2023 seven edit... if i had a nickle for every time I've boughtn incest manga... I would have 2 nickles...